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Sankt Severin Skole

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Sankt Severin Skole is located in Haderslev (about 22,000 inhabitants), a town in the southern part of Jutland close to the German border. Our school is a comprehensive school located in an average Danish middle-class area. Most of our students come from families with a normal or slightly higher income than the average Danish family. As a comprehensive school we are also confronted with students with specific needs, such as students with risk of exclusion, students with minor disabilities, children of migrants and refugees. This however is only a minor group of students. There are 750 students enrolled at the school ranging from kindergarten class to 9th grade (age 5/6-16). We are 57 teachers. One of the schools focus areas is IT and Learning therefore we have installed interactive boards in all classrooms in 2009.

One of our main priorities is to improve the students' joy of learning/going to school by inspiring them to wonder and want to experience so that fantasy and creativity evolve. It is important that our students learn to show initiative, involvement, self-dependence and cooperation. We want to keep up and develop the students' trust in themselves.

Our goal by participating in this Comenius project is to give our students a better understanding of other countries and cultures within the EU. We believe it is very important to students to experience life in a wider world and to be able to navigate in a more global context.

The students will learn to cooperate with students from other countries using different types of technology and in this way improve their English skills both orally and in writing. It is our conviction that this project can boost the students' social skills and their ability to work in teams, give them specialist knowledge and ICT skills, make them become more confident and motivated to learn. We think that both students and teachers will benefit from bringing an international dimension into the school and teaching. The partnerships will provide an added value to traditional learning by bringing in new and creative approaches.


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