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1st Gymnasio Neou Psychikou

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1st Gymnasio Neou Psychikou. Our school is located in an area very close to Athens. Our students come from different social backgrounds. We have students who are immigrants from Albania, Poland, Italy, Russia. They constitute 10 % of our student population. We also have a significant number of students with learning difficulties. We give the opportunity to our students to be creative and to develop new skills, by having extra-curricular activities, including health, environmental and cultural education. We feel it is important for our students to have opportunities to be excited and enthused by learning inside of school.

By taking part in this Comenius project we will give to our students and teachers the opportunity to gain a closer insight into the idea of the European Union and to develop their understanding of Europe as a bigger entity. It will help them to understand the importance of preserving our world heritage. If we spoil the natural environment, there will be nothing left for future generations.  

By developing the Comenius school project we hope to promote European cooperation between groups of pupils and teachers from other European countries. The pupils will learn to co-operate with other young people from different cultures,  to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. They will also see the practical relevance of language learning in their lives. They will learn to work free of prejudice, hostility, intolerance or xenophobia with students, teachers and the participating school communities.

By choosing to participate to this project we hope that: 

Both teachers and pupils will acquire new skills relevant for both our personal and professional lives, such as communication and presentation skills, decision-making, problem-solving and conflict management, creativity, team-work and solidarity. 

We believe that this project will be an opportunity for students and teachers to come closer together, to improve their ICT skills and innovative learning experiences, using the latest web 2 technologies. They will also have the opportunity to practise languages they already know. 

Finally, both students and teachers will have the opportunity to practice and improve their English speaking skills.


Our school 1st Gymnasio Neou Psychikou


The logos that our students designed for our project



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