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Liceo Scientifico Statale G Marconi

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Liceo Scientifico “G.Marconi” is a Secondary School in Carrara, Tuscany. It is a kind of Grammar School with a scientific orientation with about 650 students between the ages of 14 and 19. One of the features of the school is its interest in developing internationalisation by means of projects and student exchanges with European and non-European partner schools. At the time being all the partners we have had in previous Comenius Projects have remained as favourite ones for our student exchanges, but we also have partners in Melbourne, Victoria, and in Chicago. 

Our students always take part in the Maths and Physics Olympic Games in our country and every year we have quite a number of students who achieve brilliant results.

We have already participated in three Comenius Multilateral Projects, as partners or coordinators. These projects have given further motivation to both teachers and students and have given families and non-teaching staff the opportunity of feeling protagonist of the innovations in the school too . Also the relationship with the local community and authorities have become closer as everybody's contribution is needed .The project based abilities of working according to targets to be reached have developed , the new technologies have become of basic importance in school life , both for project activities and ordinary lessons .

We feel that this Comenius project would further develop motivation in the school, thus helping us to increase interest in those students, coming also from countries outside the European Community, who need to completely understand the meaning of the word EUROPE, with its own culture but with the same global issues as other countries.

We think we could deal with the natural environment and inform/show our partners how marble excavation has completely changed the skyline of our beautiful Apuan Alps, and also exchange information about how marble waste has become a problem, but also a resource for our city.

We would also like to deal with our fine Art Cities in Tuscany, chosen by Unesco as sites to be preserved as they are our cultural heritage.


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