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Class 3F-Introduction

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We haven't chosen each other . It's been a chance meeting ! ! !



2C + 2F = 3F . It isn't a secret formula but  the way our new class is called . It 's the winning combination of  former class 2F  with 8 students coming from  class 2C. It's been a  fresh  start  for us this schoolyear.
We are  a  nice group with a predominance of boys, but , mind you , the girls, even  if they are a minority , are interested , committed  and they absolutely want to make themselves  heard.
Each student is different  from the others for attitudes and feelings, but there are no masks : we show ourselves as we really are, and we don't mind the judgement of others.  We  are looking forward  to growing  up , we enjoy being together and having a good time as it should be at our age , overcoming the  arguments  and quarrels of the past …..
Starting  from this year  we  are all working together to achieve the same objectives; we are not two  teams opposing each other but a single team of winners......and our teachers are our supporters.
All of us  together  are taking  part in the  “Comenius Project” to discover Europe, to use English and meet new friends.
We are going to give our contribution to the theme of  WATER. We want to deal with it from different perspectives: from the point of view of the law, of  economy and  ethics .  We will analyze data and confront ourselves  with many political and cultural exponents of our area , thus  looking for answers to  our  many questions . Then we will turn our attention to Renewable Energies and consider  alternative sources to coal and nuclear power from both a scientific and a statistic point of view. We will analyze the data of their development in Italy and we will compare them to each other , finally focusing on the case of our own school  where a solar panel  is operating . It is our intention to get to quantify the costs needed to make the building completely self-sufficient .

The  students of  class 3 F , Liceo Scientifico  “G. Marconi” , Carrara.

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