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From flint to cell -  seeking for energy


Problem: Why is it so important to look for other energy sources than petroleum and coal?

               What are the alternative ways of gaining energy in our area/region?

               How to introduce more rational energy managing in our schools and houses?




The work on the energy project which we called “ From flints to solar power”, gave us a lot of fun, pleasure and first of all let us broaden our knowledge on energy matters.


For people living in the 20th century, energy is basis of live, existence and further development of our civilization. No one can imagine future without energy.


We have really learnt a lot about energy, working on the project and have become aware of risks connected with energy production. Carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere may destroy not only our environment but also historical heritage.


What we know about the energy now?


  • We know how energy can be obtained and what sources of energy are
  • We know how energy is used
  • We found out how prehistoric man started the fire


Searching for all sources of energy we learnt and we ca name renewable and non – renewable sources of energy in Poland and in the world


We became aware how destructive carbon dioxide is, how tons and kilos are emitted every year.


We discovered some ways of reducing the emission and made an exhibition of posters in our school.


Most students got all information about usage of energy saving bulbs and also learnt how to save energy at home.


For two months we watched our home energy meters to find out how much energy we use and how much money parents spend on it. We know what domestic electrical equipments use most energy and in this way try to control their usage.


Thanks to the project we know all about our local sources energy. We visited the nearest wind turbine and interviewed the owner to find out all about the economical aspects of building turbines.


Finally we have to admit that all the work on the project made our group really close friends. We wish to thank our teachers for their help, ingenuity and patience.


                         Visiting wind turbine


Did you know ?



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