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Denmark visit

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Student Feedback                                                           

by Natalie Blyth


To see Natalie's, Laura's and Matthew's feedback (including photos) please click on the blue text:


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comenius Denmark from Matthew Walton.ppt Laura Bulmer's feedback on Denmark -1.doc


Comenius Project - Denmark Visit; Laura's feedback



The trip to Denmark has taught me a lot and allowed me to experience a variety of things such as their daily life. One of the things what I noticed the most was how much the school  trusts their students and the community around the school. This is because the schools playgrounds and fields are open all the time for students to use much like a community park. Also during the day there is no gate to stop students from leaving the site. I think this shows that most of the Danish students want to be in school.

The Danish trip also taught me a lot about how passionate people my age can be about things such as a language and that politeness and understanding are two of the most important things to use whilst socializing with people who are not ‘experts’ at the English language, This was a very important part of the trip as without this we wouldn’t have been able to get along with our hosts and other people.

I most enjoyed the day spent on the field. I liked how it was meant to be a sports day but turned into something much better as we were able to get to know more students better and enjoy ourselves. We also experienced little bits of Danish culture by the food we ate/cooked and the sports games we played. I think this kind of day would be better at the start of the visit as it was an amazing way to get to know one another.

Staying in someones house was a new experience for me at first it was scary but after the hosts made me feel at home and welcome I realized what an important aspect of the trip it was and that is a really enjoyable time. I think that this should be told to the next group of students who are going on the trip, as one of the worst things is the unknown and if we were to tell the students of our experience/ what to expect I think it will be easier for them to settle into their homes quicker.

I think the trip can also teach us more about ourselves as in how we cope with situations and present ourselves to other people. 

Overall the trip was an amazing experience what taught me a lot, whilst I was enjoying myself. I think that as many students as possible should join the project as I’m sure anyone will enjoy it and find out at the end of it all that the work was worth it. 


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