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Debate and question and answer session with local MEP, MP or other local politician

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9th May EUROPE DAY 2012



Europe Day

To mark Europe Day, the European Union’s birthday, on Wednesday 9th May, at Academy 360 we want students and staff to think about our role in Europe and the wider world. As well as providing some language taster sessions, we are inviting our local MEP to a debate / question and answer session with staff and students on key issues such as the fight against climate change.We hope to link this to work our other Comenius partners are also doing in Denmark, Greece, Italy, Norway and Poland.


Staff and students will be invited to take part in a debate which will be recorded to publicise the European Union, our Comenius Project ‘ Be globally Aware’ and the work we are doing at Academy 360 linked to our International School status. We want to raise key issues in the fight against climate change as well as how we can improve our environment now and in the future. 



Gerry O’Hanlon


Director of Learning, Global Dimension

Academy 360

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